J. Frederick “Rick” Agel M.D.

Brain Chemistry Optimization Program                 

A scientific tool to address brain chemistry issues

What is the Brain Chemistry Optimization Program (BCOP)?

The BCOP is an actionable, research-based plan involving a brain-healthy diet and activity plan, as well as life balance recommendations specific to your personal brain chemical issues.

The BCOP was designed to help individuals that have problems with:



-weight management


-improving relationships

-and more…

The BCOP is based on what you will do, rather than what you should do. Only behaviors that your brain finds rewarding will be repeated and sustained. The BCOP allows you to experience the most state-of-the-art assessment tool available for use by medical or mental health professionals to aid in the accuracy of their diagnosis and treatment.

How does the BCOP work?

BCOP technology correlates self-reported peripheral signs and symptoms associated with high and low levels of five principal brain chemicals, taking into account more than 287,000 variables per individual.

By evaluating peripheral signs and symptoms that an individual can “feel” or “describe” through a 180-point true/false questionnaire and supplemental history survey, symptoms are counted and weighted using a highly sophisticated, computerized compilation. Based on scientific studies that link measurable peripheral signs and symptoms to specific central neurotransmitter excesses or deficiencies, the individual’s brain chemistry issues are indicated, identified, and addressed by the BCOP.

Why Address Brain Chemistry?

Brain Chemistry is a major determinant of behavior. Physiological rewards take precedence over psychological rewards: the brain has no morals. The imbalance of chemicals in the brain drives automatic behaviors that keep the brain out of balance and psychologically inhibit you. Behaviors that produce a chemical reward to the brain will be repeated—even if there are negative psychological consequences. Any behavioral changes will only be temporary if brain chemistry is not balanced. Out-of-balanced brain chemistry affects your ability to perceive truth accurately and will make it more difficult to do the things that bring psychological and spiritual wellness.

Balanced brain chemistry + insight = optimal performance

How can Brain chemistry be changed?

Diet- Amino acids are the building blocks of brain chemicals and are found in food. Foods considered healthy for the body may not be healthy for a specific brain.

Exercise- Too much exercise can cause a retention of “gas pedal” chemicals which may heighten insecurity and anxiety; too little can contribute to slow nerve transmission, promoting negativity, low self-esteem, and depression.

Activity- Time to relax, the type of music we listen to, and the type of activities we choose to do when stressed all affect brain chemistry.

Insight- Brain Chemistry affects thoughts, attitudes and behaviors—but thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors also affect brain chemistry.

Medication- Medication doesn’t change behavior; it changes brain chemistry. Addressing diet, exercise, activity, insight and life balance can change brain chemistry and may eliminate the need for medication for some people.

This program is available for adolescent’s and for adult’s as separate versions that are age appropriate.

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Traditional & Non-Needle Acupuncture

Non-Surgical Face Lift

Brain Chemistry Optimization Program

Personal Health Coaching:   

        Hormonal/nutrient screening

        Supplements for your health

        Meditation Practices

        Qigong Instruction

        Postural Alignment

        Body Tension Release Techniques

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